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Festival Residency

All week from 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM at the village*

Fresque Bandy

Homo sapiens-sapiens born in the Paris area in 1977

French nationality
Living in Niort (Deux-Sèvres)

Self-taught painter with for subject of study the 26 characters of the Latin alphabet and some Arabesquian neuroses.
Mediums used: spray cans and acrylic paints.
Active and constant in the discipline of writing (tag / pieces / throwup) since the 90s.

Conceive “neither gods nor masters, in masterpieces we trust”

FRESQUE Mac Lerouj

Self-taught artist working mainly with drawing, painting and collages.
It is first and foremost on cities’ walls that Mac LeRouj has fun. Devottee to portrait, he likes to stage himself, and others around him. He also takes great pleasure on composing with words and echoing the news.
Inspired by everything and everyone, his work is imprinted with spontaneity and flippancy. He explores at the same time love, violence, sex, while sometimes creating contradictory alliances. Clear and accessible, his creations are a beautiful addition to pop, street and web culture.

“Love each other”
In a world where everything is uncertain, Mac Lerouj chooses love while not concealing the violence that surrounds us.

Expo photo Philippe R. Doumic

In the 60s, a young photographer made its debut. He made numerous black and white portraits of rising stars from the French acting scene : actors, actresses, filmmakers for Unifrance films. He works in natural light and prints his photos himself.
He signs his photos Philippe R. Doumic.
Some of his images became emblematic, like the photo of Godard on film, which wasn’t always credited, but was replicated in numerous publications.
A lot of other pictures, as beautiful as that one, stayed unpublished.
All of those constitute a remarkable base, more than ten thousand photos of cinema, put into light by his family at the occasion of the Soumic Studio company.
You will be able to discover the exhibit at the Feeling Art Galerie and some shots at the Cures Marines during the festival.

* Every day from 11:00 AM to 01:00 PM and from 03:00 PM to 07:00 PM at the Feeling Art Galerie and the Cures Marines

Galerie Phot’Off

Crépô (Montréal), Stéphanie Aigret (Caen) and Robin Gallienne (Agence Plein Format – Caen) – photographes – are invited to capture moments of the festival, they will create the Phot’Off Galerie which will be shown at the Village and will be evolving during the week. (Psst… you will find the photos every day on the festival’s website).