Camera Off-Courts seule

Collaborative Workshop

Discover what happens behind the scene

Saturday, 4th to Friday 10th : 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM

From the age of 6 and older

Réalité Virtuelle

For the launch of the Moca VR platform, dedicated to Africa culture. The moca proposes original content available through virtual reality headset. 

Green Screen

Throughout the week, the green screen workshop will be offered by Dragons Normands who will transport you to a world of legend. Collaborate on the filming on a green background of goblins, a muppet film will be taking place in the universe of the series and participate in the creation of monsters for the next ebooks with a drawing competition! Finally, take the opportunity to register for the workshops for the 2021/2022 season!

Animation studio

Laniméa is an animated film school based in Elbeuf, Normandy.
They present a workshop to discover film animation in a big studio built for the event.
At any age you are invited to initiate yourself to its different methods: cartoon, 2D animation on computer, mass animation, scratch on films… our animators share their expertise and allow inquisitive minds to discover what’s behind the scene.

Special effects make up

Our makeup artists are dedicated to the labs through the week, they also offer workshops to show how to make a “natural” skin or live special effect that transform or embellish faces.
Learn how to make small wounds, zombie makeup, scars, scratches… nothing’s impossible when talking about make-up!